How Do I Value My House If I’m Not Using An Estate Agent

How do I value my house if I’m not using an Estate Agent?

The past few years a new trend has emerged. Homeowners are taking to the internet to sell their property on their own. Online websites, free tools, and public knowledge are in abundance giving property owners the confidence to go at it alone.

If you’re interested in selling your home without an estate agent, one of the greatest hurdles you’ll have to overcome is accurate pricing. While it can be done, here are a few things you need to know before you list your property.

How to Do It?

Obviously you want to get more than a ballpark estimate for your home. Factors to consider include property tax estimates, home features, transaction histories, and local sales.

One way to determine the value of your home is to use services like Zillow. The website gives you a ballpark figure for properties in your area and how to categorize your home among the competition. Enter your data for estimates on properties with similar features, in the same age group, and location.

In addition to, there are loads of other automated valuation tools that are free and easy to use. A quick search will pull up a variety of options no matter the size, age, or location of your property.

While these tools are beneficial and give you a good foundation to build on, we highly recommend hiring an appraiser to evaluate your property. Professionals can factor in the finite details that an automated site can’t/won’t. A small investment of around £200 gets you an accurate and professionally approved evaluation.

What an Agent Does

It’s important to recognize that an estate agent doesn’t have the power to professional value or price your home. An agent will simply give you their perspective based on their experience in the market.

They do not go through professional training to give clients price quotes. Even if you go the route of hiring an agent, you are still going to have to hire an appraiser for your property.

Use Your New House

Whichever route you decide to go Your New House walks you through every aspect of your home selling process. We can partner you with an estate agent to help you list your property at market value in one convenient location. Contact our friendly team to learn more.

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