Using an online estate agent to 'sell my house'

Using an online estate agent to ‘sell my house’

The best reason that anyone looking to use an online estate agent to sell my house’ is that they stand to save several hundred, if not thousands, of pounds by doing so.

However, selling a home is an important financial transaction so vendors need to consider carefully the reasons why they should choose an online estate agent to help them sell.

There is no doubt that online estate agents are growing in popularity because of the savings they can deliver and many will be able to sell a property more quickly than a traditional estate agent.

For instance, the average charge being made by high street agents is around 1.5% of the selling price which for someone selling a property worth £300,000 means they will be handing over £4,500 in fees.

Property for sale UK

That’s a lot of money for anyone offering property for sale UK, particularly when compared with a basic package being offered by an online agent which will start at around £400 though they do offer a range of packages to around £1,000 or more.

The fee being charged depends a lot on how much the vendor is willing to do and many will be happy taking their own photographs and showing potential buyers around the property which means there’s no need for an estate agent to be there.

Otherwise, the service being offered by an online agent is just the same and they will be advertise the property for sale on all of the leading property portals in order to find a buyer quickly.

This will mean that the property’s details will not be advertised in an estate agent’s window which may attract a passing buyer but the majority of people now begin their search online so it makes sense to target marketing efforts to those buyers.

In addition, it’s also possible to have a ‘for sale’ board put up outside the property but not everyone wants to do this so it is possible to save money by not doing so.

Looking for houses for sale Manchester

As mentioned previously, online agents will arrange and conduct viewings while others will pass on details of interested buyers for the vendor to contact though the agent will be able to focus on a region or city effectively – which is great for anyone looking for houses for sale Manchester, for instance.

The other big attraction for online estate agents is that they are available out of hours and can be contacted by email, or in some cases, by telephone as well in the evenings.

In addition to helping with marketing the property, the online agent will also be able to negotiate with a potential buyer and then supervise the process through to the exchange of contracts.

With extensive television advertising, the potential of using online estate agent is growing and with so much money to be saved while receiving a quality service underpinning their appeal means that more people are likely to use an online agent to ‘sell my house’.

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