Month: <span>April 2016</span>

Spring Means Looking For Houses For Sale UK

Spring means looking for houses for sale UK

It’s that time of year when spring means looking for houses for sale UK as people look to move homes in the annual house hunting season. However, 2016 is also likely to see a big leap in the number of house sellers looking to sell their property under their own steam without using an estate […]

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What are the pitfalls of not using an agent when selling your property?

All homeowners want top price for their property. Having possibly spent thousands in renovations, it’s only natural to seek out the best price. This often inspires homeowners to sell their property without an agent. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, consider a few challenges that you may face along the way. Determining the […]

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How much can I expect to save when selling my home myself?

It’s one of the oldest pondered questions. How do estate agents get the nerve to charge a literal fortune for helping sell homes? If you share this viewpoint, then you may be thinking of selling your home yourself. In 2013 the government changed the rules for selling property online, which has made it incredibly easy […]

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How easy is it to sell your house by yourself online?

The property market is tough. With profit margins sinking, and fewer homes being sold, many homeowners are taking it on themselves to sell their property. Many believe that cutting out an agent is an easy way to cut costs and improve profits. Some are even turning to the internet to unload their property for a […]

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Do I need a FOR SALE sign outside my property in order to sell it?

The internet is now the official leading method for selling properties. Despite changing technology, you still need some sort of physical representation that your property is for sale. One of the most common forms of advertising for properties is the “For Sale” sign. It sits in front of your home as advertisement that the property […]

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