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Should I Sell My Home Or Hand It Down To My Children

Should I sell my home or hand it down to my children?

As parents age it comes time to consider inheritance. What you leave your children directly affects their life and that of their spouses. Many parents believe that giving their children property is beneficial, but in reality it presents a host of unique challenges. Before you sign your property over to your children, it’s critical to […]

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When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Home

When is the right time to sell your home?

Several factors go into selling your home, timing is one of the most important. Unfortunately, the best time to sell your home or property isn’t spelled out in black-in-white. Despite the popularity of high demand selling, it might not be the best time to sell. Before you list your home, consider the following additional factors […]

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What Services Do Estate Agents Provide When Selling Your Home

What services do Estate Agents provide when selling your home?

Estate agents are the go to professionals for homeowners who want to avoid the hassle of selling their property. Agents go through extensive training and often have a background in sales or marketing of some sort, giving their customers a definitive advantage. If you’re thinking over using an estate agent, here are the services you […]

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How Do I Value My House If I’m Not Using An Estate Agent

How do I value my house if I’m not using an Estate Agent?

The past few years a new trend has emerged. Homeowners are taking to the internet to sell their property on their own. Online websites, free tools, and public knowledge are in abundance giving property owners the confidence to go at it alone. If you’re interested in selling your home without an estate agent, one of […]

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What are the pitfalls of not using an agent when selling your property?

All homeowners want top price for their property. Having possibly spent thousands in renovations, it’s only natural to seek out the best price. This often inspires homeowners to sell their property without an agent. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, consider a few challenges that you may face along the way. Determining the […]

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How easy is it to sell your house by yourself online?

The property market is tough. With profit margins sinking, and fewer homes being sold, many homeowners are taking it on themselves to sell their property. Many believe that cutting out an agent is an easy way to cut costs and improve profits. Some are even turning to the internet to unload their property for a […]

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