What Services Do Estate Agents Provide When Selling Your Home

What services do Estate Agents provide when selling your home?

Estate agents are the go to professionals for homeowners who want to avoid the hassle of selling their property. Agents go through extensive training and often have a background in sales or marketing of some sort, giving their customers a definitive advantage.

If you’re thinking over using an estate agent, here are the services you should expect before you decide to sell your home.

Services You Should Expect

A qualified professional should offer you at the minimum the following services.

  • Negotiations. An estate agent should handle all negotiations on your behalf. They should be skilled in this arena, as it directly affects the sales price you can expect.
  • Marketing. Advertising your listing is the number 1 job for any estate agent. With connections in the marketplace and a variety of tools at their disposal, they should have no problem getting your property seen by all the right people.
  • Reputation Leverage. Experienced estate agents have the power to advertise your property in settings that benefit you. Those with a sterling reputation stand in a better position to quickly move your home into the hands of a new buyer.
  • Networking. Most agents have a team of people they work with along with thousands of fellow agents who can help pull strings when needed. These connections are invaluable to homeowners who want the best price for their property.
  • Use of Available Technology. Most estate agents have caught on that technology is critical to selling a property in today’s market. They also have access to more tools than you are likely to have on your own.
  • Professional Photography of Your Property. A final, but nonetheless important, tool at the disposal of estate agents is professional photography. Images intrigue buyers and get them to check out properties they otherwise wouldn’t be interested in. Estate agents know how to use photography to your advantage.

When you hire an estate agent, all of these services and more will be at your disposal. Add to this the fact that you’ll have very little to do in the way of advertising, and most would agree using this service is appetizing. Thoroughly analyze whether or not this option is right for you before you make a decision. What you decide will greatly affect your final selling price.

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