Sell my house online - what you need to know

Sell my house online – what you need to know

Online estate agents in the UK are growing quickly in popularity as more people look to ‘sell my house online‘ and enjoy the benefits.

Among the reasons for selling a home online is that the estate agent will charge much lower fees than a traditional high street estate agent will; most homeowners will save several thousand pounds by opting to sell their home online.

For those who may not be aware, there’s really very little difference between the services being offered by high street estate agents and online estate agents.

This fact is attracting more vendors and online estate agents are beginning to account for a large proportion of the market and this is growing quickly.

Essentially, the online estate agent will value a home and then market it effectively as well as arranging any property viewings and then dealing with offers and any negotiations.

Most online agents will also liaise with a conveyancer as well as dealing with the buyer and other estate agents until the sale of the property is completed.

For anyone interested in wanting to ‘sell my house fast Manchester’

Indeed, one reason why lots of people are looking to sell their home online is because the transactions tend to be much quicker; most agents will sell a property within a month of it going on their books – a big boon for anyone interested in wanting to ‘sell my house fast Manchester’, for instance, while a traditional agent may take several months.

However, this isn’t always the case and vendors should examine carefully any claims on how long an agent states they will take to sell a property.

It’s also important to appreciate that while it’s much cheaper to use an online estate agent, the fees are paid upfront rather than having a traditional estate agent take up to 3% of the selling price.

Sell my house online UK

However, the price being paid by vendors wanting to, for instance, sell my house online UK varies between the various online estate agents and also depends on how much the seller is looking to do themselves; if, for instance, they are happy showing potential buyers around then they can get a cheaper package.

Also, online estate agents are available outside of office hours and many offer a personal account manager to deliver a personal touch.

For those worried about how the online agent will market the property effectively will need to appreciate that the vast majority of people looking to buy a home begin the search online which is where these agents are strongest.

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