How To Sell My House UK Online

How to sell my house UK online

For anyone interested in how to sell my house UK online and the DIY approach for selling rather than using the services of an estate agent, this article will help.

One reason that growing numbers of homeowners are looking to sell their home without using an estate agent is to save a large chunk of the agent’s hefty fees.

For instance, rather than paying 1.5% – or more – in fees on a property worth £250,000 which would be £3,750 they could pay a fraction of that depending on the online estate agent’s packages. Some online estate agents will sell a property for as little as £250.

The way people find and buy property is changing with many people beginning their search online rather than the traditional method of visiting an estate agent’s office or checking newspaper adverts.

In addition, home owners are also attracted by the transparency and the higher level of control they have on the entire process when using an online DIY estate agent.

However, for this they will need to do more work but this will entail taking photographs, writing the property advert and then showing buyers around their home.

Searching online for ‘properties for sale Manchester’

The important part is that the online estate agent has access to the major property portals including Primelocation and Rightmove which is crucial should someone be searching online for ‘properties for sale Manchester’, for instance.

The online agencies also determine what the property’s value should be and to help illustrate what they could get on the open market, the homeowner could also invite two of three estate agents round to view the property and offer their valuations too. These then can be used as a guide price.

The online agent will still be able to provide photographs to show potential buyers, prepare a floor plan and have a valid energy performance certificate prepared for the property.

That’s for the basic level of service for most DIY estate agents and they will charge extra for things like putting up a sales board outside the property.

Once an offer has been made, the DIY estate agent then acts as a traditional estate agent to help the homeowner sell their property as quickly and as effectively as possible.

For many reasons, online estate agents deliver the same level of promotion and support as a traditional High Street estate agent but at a fraction of the cost so it is no wonder they are becoming more popular.

Searching for a ‘house for rent’

In addition, they can also help people looking to rent out their property and find anyone who is searching for a ‘house for rent’ in that area since they will, more than likely, be using the same property portals as those people selling property.

Again, they can also offer help and advice and deal with viewings should potential tenants want to look at the property and accompany them if necessary – as they would for a potential buyer wanting to look round a house for sale.

There’s no doubt that anyone looking to sell my house UK will be attracted to the savings made by using the DIY house selling process which has a lot to recommend it; it’s not just about saving money since it’s also about having a good level of service, selling the property quickly and at a reasonable price and for anyone interested in learning more, the helpful team at Yournewhouse will be able to help.

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