Sell my house fast UK and save money

Sell my house fast UK and save money

For anyone who has wanted to ‘sell my house fast UK’ as a way to save money should appreciate that online estate agents are now part of the mainstream for buying and selling property in the UK.

With fast rising property prices, thousands of homeowners have opted to sell their homes via online estate agents which are much cheaper than a traditional High Street estate agency.

That’s because traditional agents charge the seller of a property a percentage of the selling price so, the more the home is worth, the more the agent will charge.

However, as property prices grow quickly, these costs for selling it through a traditional estate agents have also rocketed.

The maths is relatively straightforward with an average fee of 1.5%, plus VAT, means that someone selling a property for £150,000 means the agent will charge £2,250, plus VAT.

However, some agents are charging fees up to 3.5% which means the charge on the same property could equate to £5,250 and with VAT that will be £6,300 taken from the property’s profit.

Online estate agents have houses for rent UK

It’s little wonder then that a cheaper and just as effective way to sell property in the UK has established itself as a viable alternative and some of these online estate agents also have houses for rent UK.

Online estate agents do not charge a percentage of the selling price and instead offer a range of packages which can start as little as £395.

It’s important to appreciate that the package covers a property regardless of its value so someone with a home worth £150,000 or £1 million will pay the same fee.

That’s because the process to sell a house and market it effectively is the same regardless of the property’s size.

Houses for rent Manchester

There’s also another important consideration to help make online estate agents a popular choice, including those that have houses for rent Manchester, for instance, and that is the fact most of them are working around the clock and not just during office hours.

Indeed, one large online estate agency says that more than 70% of the business it conducts is done outside of traditional working hours. They run a helpline for customers to arrange viewings or to discuss offers.

The process for signing up is straightforward and the online estate agents are friendly and experienced which means that anyone wanting to ‘sell my house fast UK’ should be reassured that they are in good hands and for more help and information, contact the friendly team at

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