Lots of new 'For sale' boards when looking at property for sale UK

Lots of new ‘For sale’ boards when looking at property for sale UK

Anyone who is looking at property for sale UK will have noticed a number of new ‘For sale’ boards for estate agents they have barely heard of springing up in many streets.

That’s because the growing trend to use online estate agents means more people are placing their agent’s boards in front of their properties which illustrates effectively how popular these agents are becoming since they are as effective as traditional High Street estate agents but the vendor gets to save thousands of pounds in the process.

To underline how quickly things are changing, one survey has revealed that 5% of homes in the UK are being sold online currently but by 2020 experts are predicting that this will increase to 50%.

It is not difficult to see why the online estate agents are growing in popularity since they charge a fraction of what traditional agents will charge and deliver buyers quickly and help with the negotiations and buying process.

Trend for people to effectively ‘sell my house’ online

This trend for people to effectively ‘sell my house’ online does involve some level of DIY in the process to keep the final bill down but some online agents will offer a full house selling service for those who still require it.

Along with a reduction in the cost, the average amount that someone selling a home online will save is £4,150, according to one platform.

In addition, the average length of time it takes to find a buyer is 14 days.

But one of the big questions is how does an online estate agent put a valuation on a property? The answer is, it’s the same process a traditional High Street estate agent will use.

For those who may not appreciate the process, the location of the property is very important since an estate agent will look at the surrounding area and the average price being charge for different types of homes.

Houses for sale Manchester

They will then look at compatible houses for sale Manchester, for instance, to see whether the price they have in mind will work in that area for that type of property. There’s also the issue of supply and demand with certain times of the year being more popular for sales and the agent also needs to consider public transport links and whether there are any good schools in the area.

Indeed, the quality of shops and amenities will also affect the house price.

It’s crucial that a great valuation is found for the property and this will also extend to those looking at houses for sale Manchester because with most people beginning their search online they will become attuned to how much a property is worth and if they judge that a certain property is overpriced, they will understandably ignore it.

It’s a difficult route for anyone selling their house to follow but it is to deciding on how much to sell it for; price it too high and while your profit is higher it will put potential buyers off, while pricing it too low will generate a lot of interest and help the property sell quicker.

There’s no doubt that how people buy and sell property for sale UK is changing with some very good online platforms offering great service at an incredible price; for anyone who needs to know more about the DIY home selling process, the helpful team at yournewhouse will be able to help.

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