Is it possible to use Estate Agents for Services if not selling my home with them?

If you’re trying to list and successfully sell your home, you may have considered hiring an estate agent. After all, they’re touted as the best way to get the most out of your investment.

Despite their widely accepted use, there are changes taking place in the market for estate agents and homeowners alike. The driving force behind these changes is the internet.

Sites like Your New House are transforming access to traditional professional-only services. Both property owners and estate agents can now tap into the unlimited market place of online buyers with the click of a mouse thanks to advanced technology.

Studies show that 90% of interested buyers search online to find a property. That means that traditional marketing methods aren’t as necessary as they once were in landing a sale. For estate agents, this means sellers require less marketing assistance.

When we’re discussing the services offered by estate agents, what we’re really talking about is the tools available to professionals. Homeowners might not always have the legal understanding, the inside scoop on fluctuating market values, or negotiating skills. However, what is available to them is the online property market.

No matter who you are or what type of property you have for sale, the internet has made it possible to find the perfect buyer. Your New House even cuts out the search process and helps you tap into a vast selection of buyers from around the UK.

If you still need support in working out contracts, dealing with formalities, and even deciding on the ideal final price, then you may want to invest in an estate agent. If you decide to go it alone, then choose Your New House for professional guidance throughout the process.

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