I want to sell my house online

I want to sell my house online

With more than 95% of people wanting to buy a house in the UK beginning their search for their dream home online, it makes sense that growing numbers of vendors want to ‘sell my house online’ so buyers can find them.

There are a number of other attractive reasons why someone selling their home should opt to use an online estate agent and these include:

  • Cheaper fees than a traditional estate agent
  • Efficient marketing of property online
  • Quicker sales process

Many people selling their property with an online estate agent also find they not only save lots of money in fees but that the property is sold more quickly.

Online agents offering a house for sale UK

Most online agents offering a house for sale UK also offer a variety of packages to suit the house seller’s needs ranging from the full package a traditional estate agent will offer to a minimum package which means the vendor has more work to do; for some people this is a great compromise.

Online estate agents still offer photographers to capture details of the property as well as a dedicated property expert who will be able to manage the process from beginning to end.

There are also specialist sales negotiators and a slick conveyancing service.

So what is the process to sell my house online?

The first step begins with a valuation and so online agents will send an expert valuer to ensure the property has an accurate price while others will work with the client to determine what the market valuation is by examining what other similar properties in the area are selling for and they may ask a local estate agent to give an opinion too.

However, one of the big reasons for the growth in online estate agents is that they can sell property more quickly than a traditional estate agent. For instance, while the traditional agent will take on average 65 days to sell a property, the online agent will take just 21 days.

Some online estate agents also offer a house for rent

It should be noted that some online estate agents also offer a house for rent since the process of attracting tenants is similar to that of finding buyers and there’s also greater transparency with a dedicated account manager who will keep in contact with the client via email or phone. Many of these agents report seeing lots of out of hours activity so clients can conduct transactions and communications at a time that suits them.

For anybody who is wanting to know how to ‘sell my house online’ then the helpful team at can provide more information.

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