How easy is it to sell your house by yourself online?

The property market is tough.

With profit margins sinking, and fewer homes being sold, many homeowners are taking it on themselves to sell their property. Many believe that cutting out an agent is an easy way to cut costs and improve profits.

Some are even turning to the internet to unload their property for a sizeable profit.

If you’re one of these folks, then you may be wondering what the online sales world looks like or if it’s really right for your situation.

For starters, it’s challenging.

Estate agents fully understand the current market, property values, and the best methods for targeting buyers. They’ve made it their career to learn the ebb and flow of the marketplace. It’s unlikely that you have the same level of experience or knowledge.

Fortunately, the internet has helped level the playing field somewhat.

Today, it is no longer an option to advertise your property online. Homeowners have to go where the buyers are, and that is the internet.

While there are countless websites online that offer you a way to get in front of buyers, one stands out—Your New House.

Through Your New House you can list your property for one low fee. Upload images of property, highlight its standout features, and list your price in a few convenient steps with our site.

You can keep your property for sale until it sells for just £199+VAT. No hidden fees, and you get the support you need to successfully find a buyer.

With the help of a powerful listing board, you can find a buyer for your property without using or paying for an estate agent. However, should that be something you decide to consider, we also help estate agents and property owners connect through Your New House.

Easily sell your property and get the price you want by choosing a sales board to get you seen by all the right buyers.

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