Do I need a FOR SALE sign outside my property in order to sell it?

The internet is now the official leading method for selling properties. Despite changing technology, you still need some sort of physical representation that your property is for sale.

One of the most common forms of advertising for properties is the “For Sale” sign. It sits in front of your home as advertisement that the property is available, and both passersby’s and estate agents may take note of the sign.

The question is, do you really need one to sell your property?

Why NOT Have a For Sale Sign?

Some homeowners are concerned that a “For Sale” sign will put them at risk of criticism from other members of the community or that they’ll end up getting low-offers from scammers. You simply can’t avoid either, no matter who you’re using to sell your property. You’ll just have to take the risk.

Why You Should Have One

You obviously want the best possible price for your home. And you want to get that number as quickly as possible. You can’t do that if your property isn’t getting exposure on the market. All advertising is essentially good advertising, and a simple printed sign on your property represents a powerful note to potential buyers.

Most agencies receive about 7% of all calls regarding a property sign. This means if you aren’t using a sign on your property you’re missing out on a small, but significant amount of potential buyers.

Another potential benefit is word of mouth advertising. While one person might not be interested in your property, they may have a friend who is. Same with neighbors. They can spread the word about your property to friends and family and increase the opportunity for a sale.

In short, yes you need a “For Sale” sign on your property to increase your chances of a sale. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on opportunities that could otherwise reap a significant sales price.

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