What Are The Advantages Of Using A High Street Estate Agent Over An Online Estate Agent

What are the advantages of using a high street Estate Agent and an Online Estate Agent?

Dramatic changes in technology have led to new methods for selling property. While estate selling is traditionally done by high street estate agents, the tides are now turning towards online estate agents.

For homeowners interested in using this new and improved selling option, there is much to learn. Consider the advantages to both traditional agents and online agents below.

Advantages to Using a High Street Agent

Deciding on the right way to sell and advertise your property begins with understanding what a high street estate agent can offer. A few advantages to using an actual agent include:

  • You get to meet the agent in person (and have access to their services throughout the sale process)
  • High street estate agents advertise your property and do viewings for you
  • Local agents understand the local market and happily offer property value suggestions

Each of these aspects provide their own advantage, but depending on your needs, they may or may not be beneficial.

Advantages to Using an Online Agent

While high street estate agents are available in person, they can be difficult to get ahold of. Online estate agents, on the other hand, are easy to get in touch with either over the internet or via phone calls. However, they differ greatly in package pricing and services offered. For some, the difference in services is an advantage, as you can pick and choose those that serve your needs best.

Online viewing of floor plans, professional photography, for sale boards, and listings on major sites are also common advantages when using online estate agents. Quite possibly the greatest advantage is the affordability of online estate agents. Typically charging a flat fee, they tend to be far more reasonable than your average estate agent.

Making a Decision

When choosing between the two, base your decision off your individual property needs, expectations, and pricing. The services you receive will vary, but the foundation for both types of agents is the same.

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