How to ‘ Sell my house ’ online

How to ‘ Sell my house ’ online

Growing numbers of people are looking to sell their home without using an estate agent which is why homeowners wanting to ‘sell my house’ are looking at the DIY route.

One reason for not using an estate agent is that they can be costly and it’s not impossible to sell a home without using one.

By doing most of the work for themselves, a homeowner can save thousands of pounds in doing so and also use the expertise of sites such as Yournewhouse who will charge a fraction of that price and be of huge help.

So here’s a quick guide to selling your house:

The first step is to get a valuation which essentially is a price for which you would like to sell it for and you can determine how much your property is worth by visiting popular property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

No obligation free valuation on a property for sale UK

Estate agents also offer no obligation free valuation on a property for sale UK so it’s also possible to contact two or three and ask them to value the home without any commitment whatsoever.

It’s also the law to get an energy performance certificate for the property before it is put up for sale and there are lots of registered energy assessors who can compile one for you.

The next step is to advertise the home which is straightforward and some sites allow a property to be advertised for free.

The main point here is to appreciate that those people looking to buy a property begin a search online rather than by sifting through newspaper adverts or visiting estate agents’ offices.

If you are looking for houses for sale Manchester

The world for buying homes has changed and when it comes to buying and selling property, the market has gone online so if you are looking for houses for sale Manchester, for instance, you will begin that search online.

Most of the DIY home selling platforms have access to the popular portals and can also help with supplying a ‘For sale’ board though many people today decide not to use one.

Once the property has been advertised then the property seller needs to have a diary to hand when people contact them so they can arrange viewings of the property at a convenient time and the house seller needs to make themselves available.

Is possible that this responsibility can be handed to the DIY home selling website who may have someone in the area to deal with these viewings and then help conduct negotiations on the price.

Just a quick tip: before conducting negotiations on the selling price it’s always a good idea for the home seller to have some idea of how much they are willing to drop their asking price to – if you lose the potential buyer then someone else will, undoubtedly, come along and you can raise this price for them.

Essentially, for anyone looking for tips to ‘sell my house’ then this is the process in a nutshell, there are one or two other considerations but the best way of finding out exactly what’s involved is to contact a DIY property selling website, such as Yournewhouse, and ask.

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