How to sell my house online UK

How to ‘sell my house online UK’

With online estate agents growing in popularity it’s no surprise that more people are looking to ‘sell my house online UK’ and wanting more information about what’s involved.

The important thing to remember is that online estate agents have experience and expertise but do not charge as much as a traditional High Street estate agent will do.

This is the big difference since the online estate agent will offer a number of packages for a fixed price to sell property whereas a traditional agent will charge anything between 1.5% and 3.5%, plus VAT.

This means that someone selling their home could save thousands of pounds, the average amount being saved currently is around £4,500.

That is an attractive incentive for many people particularly those who are happy to undertake some of the work themselves to help bring the cost down even further.

Anyone wanting to sell my house fast Manchester

This means that anyone wanting to ‘sell my house fast Manchester’, for instance, they may have to write the sales information and take the photographs for use on sales portals and website. They may also have to get a value for their home.

However, all online estate agents will have a package that does all this so the vendor has a headache-free experience. Most house sellers will need to show potential buyers around their home, and this is something many vendors prefer, but again most online estate agents will offer this service as well.

As with traditional High Street estate agents, anyone thinking of using an online estate agent should take the time to shop around to find the most suitable deal. It may be that the firms that regularly advertise on television, for instance, may not offer what someone looking to sell their home is looking for.

Once registered, the online agent will then arrange for someone to visit and value the property and also take the photographs and prepare a floor plan. They will also write the advert which will be approved by the house seller.

Searching for ‘property for rent Manchester’

Since most people begin their search for a new home to buy or rent online, the property details will then be advertised on the major property websites such as Zoopla and Rightmove – don’t forget too that some online estate agents also have property to rent which could be a boon to someone searching for ‘property for rent Manchester’, for instance.

Currently, those looking to ‘sell my house online UK’ account for around 5% of the UK’s house sales through online estate agents, according to industry experts, and this is set to grow to 50% over the next few years. For more help and advice about online estate agents, then contact the helpful team at Yournewhouse.

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