Your New House is an online property advertising portal designed to help both homeowners and estate agents list and sell properties throughout the UK.

Meet the Owner & Founder

Simon Thompson is the founder of Your New House. In addition to launching our company, he also holds the position of CEO for AccommodationforStudents.com, the UK’s number one Search Engine for Student Accommodation. He has an exceptional understanding of online advertising services, and has an extensive background in business marketing. Through Your New House, he uses both skills to bring about a cooperative environment where estate agents and homeowners can benefit.

What We Offer

The property market is changing, as are the needs of homeowners and estate agents. Technology plays a big role in these fluctuations.

More people use the internet and mobile devices to find products and even to look for property than ever before.

Failing to tap into this online market can cause missed opportunities for both estate agents and homeowners.

How We Help Homeowners

You may be looking for a platform where you can easily connect with potential buyers without having to pay for estate agents or their commissions. If you do choose to go it alone, you should have the tools you need to make it a success.

Our platform allows you to advertise your home directly for as little as £199 plus vat and includes a ‘for sale’ board being mounted and dismounted at your property. It’s easy, affordable, and produces the results you’re looking for.

How We Help Estate Agents

We streamline the advertising process for estate agents as well as homeowners. Through us, you can create an account and advertise a list of properties for your clients or agency.

Simple, pain-free and affordable, our listing board streamlines your work as an agent, allowing you greater reach with potential clients.

Choosing the Right Service

We firmly believe that estate agents and homeowners can, and ought to advertise in harmony with one another.

In fact, we advocate the use of estate agents for homeowners, but we do understand that some simply prefer to save money on commissions and extra fees.

However, if you’re undecided on whether to use an estate agent, there are many reasons to do so. Here are just a few reasons that you should consider before making your final decision.

  • They have knowledge of the local marketEstate agents dedicate themselves to understanding the local market, and have access to priceless information you can’t find just anywhere.
  • Superior marketing expertise—Agents are trained to market properties. It’s their lifeblood.
  • Experience and expert advice—If you’re debating listing prices, an agent can guide you to the best decision and has the experience to guarantee a positive outcome.
  • Negotiating power—Agents work tirelessly to negotiate on behalf of their clients, and have the power to turn a serious profit for sellers.
  • They’re involved in a large network—Agents have connections all over the UK, giving their clients the edge in the competitive property market.
  • You could miss out on buyers—Professional agents have greater access to buyers and have secured their clients profitable sales time and again.

Why Work with Us?

Whether you’d like to list your own property and save on commission or if you’re an estate agent who wants access to the online marketplace, Your New House can help.

Sign up today and start listing your property for the low price of just £199 + vat.